Strahlentherapie Pasing – Our physicians

Continuous further education warrants professionalism

Our physicians take part in continuous further education to remain up-to-date in cancer medical science. Although each physician has different centres of interest they share the same medical specialist know-how.

Further education activities

Our physicians

  • participate in numerous regional and national further education events regarding cancer
  • participate regularly in national and international radiotherapy treatment congresses
  • visit on a regular basis events organised by the Munich tumour centre and are members of several workgroups
  • renew regularly the expertise in radiation protection
  • adhere to the further education order of the Chamber of Physician s
  • work in the context of several medical studies as clinical investigators
  • Specialist for radiotherapy
  • Specialist for diagnostic radiology
  • Specialist for general practice
  • Additional designation natural therapies


1988 – 1995 Medical University of Heidelberg, Camden/New Jersey (USA) and Cape Town (South Africa), Medical clerkship e.g. in Jerusalem and Zimbabwe
1995 – 1997 Training: General Practitioner (specialization 2006)
1997 – 2001 Training: Radiation Oncology at TU Munich (specialization 2002)
2001 – 2003 Training: Radiology at Munich-Schwabing Hospital (specialization 2004)
2001 – 2003 Further training/private practice Radiation Oncology/Radiology in Landshut
2006 – 2009 Private practice Radiation Oncology in Leverkusen
2010 – 2015 Private practice Radiation Oncology in Rosenheim
2016 Radiation Oncology in Praxis für Strahlentherapie Pasing, Munich
2019 Take-over of Praxis für Strahlentherapie Pasing and opening of a second state-of-the-art irradiation unit
Foundation of  – an internationally operating consulting company for the development of irradiation units

Research and teaching

1997 – 2001 Member of research staff, TU Munich
  Several publications » [PDF, 500 KB]
  Member of teaching programme for medical students
2015 - 2019 Guest lecturer at University of Szeged/Hungary University Szeged » in Hungary

Special foci

  • High-Precision Radiotherapy (Stereotaxie-Certificate of the Bavarian State Chamber of Physicians)
  • Prostate carcinoma
  • Mamma carcinoma
  • Head and Neck tumours
  • Certificate "Interventional Radiotherapy"
  • Image fusion
  • Complementary medicine in cancer therapy

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  • Specialist for radiotherapy


1986 – 1992 Medical University of Wuerzburg
1993 Licence to practice medicine (Approbation)
1993 PhD (magna cum laude)
1993 – 2001 Training: Radiation Oncology at LMU Munich
2001 Radiation Oncologist
2001 – 2011 Senior physician at Institut für diagnostische Radiologie und Strahlentherapie des Klinikums München-Pasing
2012 Start of Praxis Strahlentherapie Pasing - Munich

Research and teaching

1993 – 2001 Member of research staff, LMU München
  Several studies and publications
  Member of teaching programme for medical students

Special foci

  • Bronchial carcinoma
  • Metastasis
  • Head and Neck tumours
  • Benign conditions (radiation against painful benign conditions)
  • Side effects of cancer therapy
1986 – 1992 Studium der Humanmedizin an der Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
1993 Approbation
1993 Promotion
Thema: Interleukin-4-Effekte beim atopischen Ekzem (magna cum laude)
1993 – 2001 Ausbildung zum Facharzt für Strahlentherapie an der LMU München
2001 Facharzt für Strahlentherapie
2001 – 2011 Leitender Arzt Strahlentherapie im Institut für diagnostische Radiologie und Strahlentherapie des Klinikums München-Pasing
2012 Umwandlung der Abteilung für Strahlentherapie des Klinikums München-Pasing in eine Praxis

Forschung / Lehre

1993 – 2001 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an der LMU München
Mitwirkung an verschiedenen Studien und Publikationen
Mitwirkung an der universitären Ausbildung junger Mediziner