Useful tips during radiotherapy

There are a few general things you should take to heart when undergoing radiotherapy:

  • The penned marks on your skin will help us during radiotherapy. You should not wash them off.
  • Don't worry: You will not be radioactive after a radiotherapy session – dealing with children during radiotherapy does not bear any danger.
  • During the therapy you will be looked after by a professional team of physicians, MTAs and physician assistants
  • Should there be any problems during radiotherapy: Please contact us immediately! Rather visit us once too many that not enough! Remember: We are here to assist you.
  • Take care of your well-being – avoid anything that could exhaust you. Remember, your personal well-being is important to cure your condition.

During breast radiotherapy it will frequently come to reddened skin of various characteristics. This condition will in general subside fairly quickly and do not require any further treatment. In any case, let us inspect the treated area on a regular basis. Better to be safe!

It may be sensible to mark the prostrate with goldmarkers » Whether this has to be done in your case will be discussed in a clarifying meeting.

In general you should make sure that during the planning computer tomography »and also during the therapy your bowels have been emptied and your bladder is full.

Please note: Full bladder – empty bowels!

During the therapy it may come to irritations at the rectum and the bladder. As before please tell us of any changes and we will help you!

Please avoid the consumption of spicy and acidic food and drinks.

For radiotherapy undertaken in the ear, nose and throat area we recommend the following basic rules:

  • Avoid spicy, acidic and hot food and drinks
  • Gargle and drink several times a day lukewarm sage tea
  • Use soft toothbrushes and a mild toothpaste
  • Clean thoroughly dentures and if applicable only use when eating
  • Good are: mashed/soft food, soft fruit with low acidity (e.g. bananas), ice cream
  • We recommend gargling solutions like Bepanthen mouthwash
  • In case of pain or any other problems please let us know immediately about any changes, we are here to help. We have developed special therapy concepts in case of any side effectsin the ear, nose and throat area, which we may prescribe if required.  

In the course of the therapy you may experience bowel irritations and diarrhoea. In general these conditions should be manageable and subside after the therapy at the latest. Please let us know about any changes, we are here to help.

Please avoid the consumption of spicy and acidic food  and drinks

Radiotherapy in the brain area may make you feel tired. This tiredness should not worry you and will generally subside after the therapy.
However, please let us know when you feel this tiredness, so that we can help you.

The gullet is situated immediately in front of the thoracic spine. Since it can be avoided that the radiotherapy will affect thoracic vertebra. Since the gullet is lined with a very sensitive mucous membrane, it may come to irritations that may make it hard to swallow.
Such irritations are harmless and will generally subside after the therapy, however, it is important you inform us of any changes and we will help you.

In some tumour conditions it may make sense to combine radiotherapy with a medication therapy in order to enhance the effect on the tumour.
This may also lead to an intensification of the therapy side effects.
To be safe during such combined therapy the oncologist or your GP should carry out a weekly blood test. Please inform us about the result as soon as possible.

In any case please let us know immediately about any not clarified changes or problems, we are here to help.

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