What is radiotherapy?

Development, effect and course of radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is the medical area that has continually developed further than any other medical area in the past 20 years. Intensive research undertaken by medical, biological and physics professionals together with the rapid developments in technology has led to the markedly improvement of therapeutic possibilities and therapy successes of today's radiotherapy when compared with the past. Figuratively spoken you can compare the development of radiotherapy with that of the car – an old-timer from the 1920s or even the 1970s does not have a lot in common with today's modern vehicles.

Most people will come into contact with radiotherapy for the first time in situations of fear and anxiety. In dealing with our patients we repeatedly experience that specifically radiotherapy has a scary effect on many people. This may be because of the complex technology one experiences in such situation.

This is why we would like to explain what we are actually doing – as there is no reason to be afraid of radiotherapy. Quite the contrary.

Radiotherapy helps us to treat some malignant conditions but also a variety of other painful conditions.

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Complementary therapies increase the chances of recovery

As Munich's first radiation therapy, we accompany radiation therapy for cancer with natural healing methods to relieve pain and strengthen the self-healing powers.

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Quality management & certificates


The radiation therapy Pasing has an established quality management system and is certified for the radiation therapy treatment of different cancers.

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