Video consultation

Consultation hours for foreign patients

We are happy to treat patients from abroad in our practice. The video consultation hour for foreign patients serves first of all to clarify whether there is an indication for radiation therapy for your illness and whether a personal consultation in Munich would be useful.

In the video consultation you have the opportunity to report on your illness and to present findings or images. We will assess whether radiotherapy is a treatment option, check the findings more closely later and can then estimate how many sessions are likely to be necessary for radiation therapy and in what period. You will not incur any costs for this.

If radiotherapy in our institution is appropriate, we can also assist you in organizing your journey and stay. We have possibilities for accommodation in different hotels or in the hospital.

Important documents, which you should present at the video consultation:

  • Doctor's letters
  • Histological report
  • Current findings of imaging procedures (CT, MRI, etc.)


You send us your desired date and time for the video consultation via web form. We will then send you a suggested date and time by e-mail with the login for the video conference with Zoom.

Personal data

Desired date

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Privacy policy

For reasons of data protection, we would like to point out that we cannot guarantee the protection of your personal data and images through the video conference service, as it is technically carried out by a third-party provider.

Quality management & certificates

The radiation therapy Pasing has an established quality management system and is certified for the radiation therapy treatment of different cancers.

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Complementary therapies increase the chances of recovery

As Munich's first radiation therapy, we support radiation therapy for cancer with natural healing methods for pain relief and strengthening the self-healing powers.

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