Low-dose radiotherapy in cases of chronic pain

Radiotherapy is very effective in the treatment of chronic pain of the musculoskeletal system

Not a lot of people know this: Even chronic pain can often be treated well with radiotherapy. That especially involves pain triggered by the supporting and musculoskeletal system i.e. orthopaedic conditions.

Chronic pain – often the starting position

People often suffer of pronounced pain due to chronic joint or soft tissue conditions and partially significantly limited mobility.
In many cases physical therapy or medication will help. However there are patients where such measure show very little or no effect.
Often we find a longer history of suffering with many therapy approaches that were in vain. Finally the pain becomes chronic and will increasingly limit the patient's mobility. In some cases this can lead to the patient being unable to carry out their profession.

Relief by using low-dose radiotherapy

A proven approach for many years but still little known is low-dose radiotherapy for the relief of such chronic pain:
The affected regions of the body are treated with a very low dosed radiotherapy. This therapy will often lead, even with chronic pain, to a significant relief, which often results in full and lasting pain relief. The pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect of low-dose, i.e. gentle x-rays has had a proven effect in the past and has been proven in many large scientific investigations. The few therapy appointments necessary last only a few seconds and are completely painless.

Often there will be an improvement of the complaint already during the course of the therapy. However pain may also intensify for a while during therapy. This seemingly paradox effect is however a good sign as it often indicates that the treated area will mid- and long-term respond very well to radiotherapy.

The low-dose pain radiotherapy is paid by your national health insurance

In all case where you have been transferred for radiotherapy your national health insurance will fully pay for this form of therapy.

High patient satisfaction

Patients treated in several scientific investigations with low-dose radiotherapy were asked whether the treatment had caused a significant relief of complaints.

The questions were answered with yes by:

  • 97% of patients with heel spur/achilles tendinopathy
  • 86% of patients with coxarthrosis
  • 82 %of patients with pain in the area of shoulder soft tissue
  • 80% of patients with pain in the area of elbow and/or lower arm
  • 64% of patients with knee arthritis
  • 60% of patients with omarthrosis
  • 50% of patients with osteoarthritis