Strahlentherapie Pasing

Strahlentherapie Pasing


Our practice provides modern guideline radiotherapy that we use to treat a variety of benign conditions and all cancer treatments suitable to be treated by radiotherapy.


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Opening of a new practice
New practice rooms, an enhanced team, and more competence. Very soon we will celebrate the completion of our new practice. Enjoy during a vernissage the works and their artists of the KünstlerSpectrum Pasing »

Strahlen gegen Krebs

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We don't just treat the "case" or a condition. We treat the entire person.

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Dr. med. Jürgen GilleßenDr. med. Jürgen Gilleßen »
Specialist for radiotherapy

Dr. med. Peter StollDr. med. Peter Stoll »
Specialist for radiotherapy
Specialist for diagnostic radiology
Specialist for general practice
Additional designation natural therapies

Monika SchwedenFrau Monika Schweden »
Specialist for radiotherapy

Dr. Nadja KovarDr. med. Nadja Kovar
Specialist for radiotherapy

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Strahlentherapie Pasing
Steinerweg 5
81241 München

Phone +49 89 88922357
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Monday - Friday 08.00 - 18.00 h
and on appointment

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